Hi! I’m Carlos (Manuel) Sisnett (Perdomo) and I go by @csisnett online

I’ve been interested in programming for some time, but I just recently found out about elixir in August of 2018.

I got really excited and somewhat nervous because I was learning Django when I first encountered elixir, so I had to make a choice between staying in my current path (comfortable) or doing something more rewarding(and riskier).

I decided to take the leap of faith and focus on learning elixir/phoenix.

I really believe that the best person to teach somebody is the one who is just one step ahead, so I hope I can help people learning elixir as others have helped me while on this journey.

My goal with this website is to make it as easy as possible for people (especially newbies) to be productive in elixir, therefore the name Productive Elixir.

I’m interested in knowing what you thought of elixir before being sold.

If you’re not sold on elixir, check out these posts which may or may not change your mind: What is Elixir? An Introduction and Why use Elixir?

If you need anything, just ask

Fun fact: On a parallel universe this website is called productivedjango.com